What to Do When you First Join a Traffic Exchange


Simple Guidelines for Getting Started at Traffic Exchanges

I am in the process of conducting a survey to get some feedback from the members of TE Search. One of my members requested more information to help out the newcomers to the world of traffic exchanges. Today I will cover how to add your websites, banners and text impressions in order to get seen.





I hope the instructions were a simple enough guideline for you to be able to add your advertising to TE Search or any other traffic exchange. You will find the process for banner and text advertising at most viral mailers as well. Take your time to get them added right to ensure your advertising is running properly.

If you have any questions or comments be sure to add a comment below and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Happy surfing


Leone M

Where to Surf Today?

A lot of newbies to surfing wonder this I’m sure every day. Where do I surf today?

    What sites should I spend my time at in order to get my advertising done?

    I was on a webinar today run by Mr Tony Tezak of Tezak Traffic Power. I greatly respect Tony, for his knowledge in the industry and his wisdom in how to run a successful traffic exchange. His site has over 113,000 members for a reason. Today’s topic was on FOCUS. We all tend to get sidetracked on the baubles – collecting badges, stickers, zubees and pennies. I’m as guilty of this as any other surfer out there, and I love attending Tony’s webinars to get a gentle reminder to FOCUS on my business.

    So today, in order to FOCUS on where to surf, Tony gave the advice to follow the top lists of exchanges out there. These are:

    1. Traffic Hoopla
    2. Rapid Downline
    3. Traffic Exchange List

    Then pick some of the sites from those lists and surf them daily to build up your credits and your advertising power.

    My goal is to get my site TE Search to be listed on Rapid Downline but I was immensely excited to see that it is now at #10 at Traffic Exchange List

    TE Search on TE List

    1st Birthday Party Surfing Contest Results

    Clues 1st Birthday Surf Contest Winners

    As part of the 1st birthday celebrations Clues held a surf contest where the prizes were fantastic.

    The contest was fierce for the week and I am really happy to announce the winners:

    Place Username   Won
    1 OVERDRIVE 26577 12 months Zubee League Surfer Account
    2 EternalHits 19395 6 months Zubee League Surfer Account
    3 star light 17169 3 months Zubee League Surfer Account
    4 sunny123 14896 5000 credits/banners/texts
    5 sjaguilera 9822 2500 credits/banners/texts

    All prizes have been award, please don’t forget to cancel your monthly accounts at Paypal if you have them.



    Happy 1st Birthday Clues

    1 year on from relaunch of TE Search and CluesTE Search

    Wow! I can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I relaunched TE Search and it’s cute little mascot Clues.

    The journey has been fantastic and I really have to say that I’ve not had any times where I’ve not enjoyed building and promoting my site. I’ve been lucky to have made some wonderful friendships and relationships along the way that has helped me quickly learn the best ways of building a site up.

    There are a couple of tips here that if asked what has helped:

    1. To stay available on skype and be active in the different rooms for other members in the community. Getting to know others, both owners and members alike and building relationships which in turn builds trust.
    2. Answer support tickets in a timely manner – I rarely have members contact me on skype for support, but I am always a support ticket away and if I’m awake, I answer my tickets fairly fast. In fact, this week I’ve had two different members compliment me on getting back to them so quickly!

    This week we have some great celebrations coming up!

    There is a surf contest where you can win up to a 1 year Zubee League Surfer upgrade. This upgrade is a special limited upgrade for those members that love collecting zubee coins and playing Viral Traffic Games, though it would be a great upgrade for any surfer as it also includes bonus credits, banners and texts with a 5 second timer. If you are already upgraded to a higher level or for more than a month, your prize will be up to 30,000 credits/banners/texts! I think it is a fantastic prize for those serious marketers that are looking for a great deal on credits. More details can be found here


    We also have a Magical Journey DLB party starting today for the next 3 days. The guest sites have been hand chosen by myself and Clues for being part of our journey. Today’s sites belong to some of my mentors, though I can honestly say that there have been quite a few that I have listened to and taken their advice very seriously over the last year or more. Get your chance to win some great prizes and check out the events here


    Today we also have Hullabaloo with TE Headquarters and Hot Flash Hits, and the CTP Sub Game. There are some great login offers too with 50% off upgrades and a 10,000 credit package at a great price.

    Enjoy the celebrations, if you are not already a member of TE Search, then check it out today. 1 Year since relaunch (its actually about 3 years old) and around to stay.






    Traffic Exchanges – the Sign Up Process


    Traffic Exchanges – how to Sign Up to one

    I was going to create a video to show you how to sign up to a Traffic Exchange, and maybe soon I will. The issue I have is that I work around my 2 little girls so getting some quiet time to create video is very difficult. So for the time being I have an image and will take you through step by step of what you need to enter when you start to sign up to traffic exchanges. This image is from my traffic exchange which is called TE Search.

    Traffic Exchange Signup page

    1. First Name: Make it your real first name – if you want to be serious about marketing you need to brand yourself and part of this is having others in the industry get to know, like and trust YOU. I will cover more on this in a later blog post.

    2. Last Name: Same as your first name – make it your REAL last name. Some sites will not pay you commissions if this name does not match your payment processor address.

    3. Email Address: Sign up for a free gmail address for all of your traffic exchange emails. I personally have a special one just for traffic exchanges, that way you can check it for promos, new referrals and commissions.

    4. Country: Same deal as your name, add your correct country here. I know of some sites that will suspend you if your country does not match your ip address. For my site TE Search, the country allows the correct flag to be show in my chat. This helps with your branding – its really nice to see others from your country and you can get to know other surfers better that way.

    4a. Username: I forgot to mark this one, but think about a username that you like then use it everywhere. I made the mistake of changing mine when I returned after having my last baby, and have been stuck with it in a couple of places. People get to know you by your username, and once again it helps with your branding.

    5. Payza Address: Make sure you add it, you can’t get paid without it. Some sites do suggest that you remove it though if you are saving up for upgrades. Check their Terms of Service (TOS) to see what they request. (in the image it has Paypal but our Advertising Platforms have moved away from them recently)

    6. CTP Username: You won’t find this field at EVERY site, but since TE Search does a lot of promos with Click Track Profit this helps give away their XP points.

    7. Zubee Name: Same as with CTP, you won’t find this field at EVERY site, but TE Search has recently become involved with Zubee Zone  so in order to give away zubees your username is required.

    8. Security Code: You will find this at most sites, you have to enter the black letters or numbers only in order to prove that you are human.

    9. Terms: In order to sign up you must agree to the terms of the site. A lot of people do not read them, then complain when they get suspended by the owner and they have done something that contravenes the terms of service.

    10. Referrer: Check that the person that is your referrer is who you thought it should be. Sometimes a site has cookies so that it picks up another referrer. If it is not the correct person, clear your cache and try again.

    Traffic Exchanges – the Sign Up Process


    Traffic Exchange, What is it?

    You found a traffic exchange, now what?

    A traffic exchange is a type of website program that enables you to show advertising to others in exchange for viewing ads belonging to other members. When you view the advertising you earn credits at a certain ratio dependent on whether you are a free member or upgraded. Free memberships can range from 0.25 to 0.50 in some cases, meaning that you have to view anywhere from 2 to 3 pages in order to get one of your pages seen by other members.  There is also a timer set for how lontraffic exchangeg you have to view each page and this can range from 0 to 60 seconds, once again dependent on whether you are a free member or upgraded. Traffic exchanges are either manual, where the member has to click or hover over an icon to get to the next page, or auto where no human intervention is required.

    Earn money with Traffic Exchanges

    Traffic Exchanges are also affiliate programs. This means that they are great for members to earn an residual income by promoting the sites in other traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers, social media and so on. Earnings can range from 5% to 10% for free members. Upgraded members earn anywhere up to 100%, though the standard would be 30% to 50%. Some traffic exchange owners also give their affiliates who refer new members a percentage of the credits that their down-line members earn. This also changes dependent on the package that the member takes. Members that build extensive down-lines in traffic exchanges do not have to surf as often to get their sites seen, as they are given credits when their referrals surf.

    Most traffic exchanges have extensive down-line builders in them that enable their members to build a business with other popular traffic exchanges. It is important to check out the down-line builders in each traffic exchange that you join so as not to miss out on potential referrals and income.

    Benefits of Traffic Exchanges:

    These programs give you a very powerful way of:

    • Advertising your products or services to thousands of people.
    • Seeing what others members are promoting.
    • Getting ideas about how to target your advertising by seeing what others are doing.
    • Getting yourself branded, gathering leads, and selling your products

    All Traffic Exchanges are membership sites so you will have to open an account with each exchange you want to join. This is pretty easy and takes only a few short minutes to complete. Most traffic exchanges are free to join, with options to “upgrade” with varying levels of benefits.

    Traffic Exchange Tips Welcome

    Welcome to Traffic Exchange Tips

    Hey there!

    A few days ago I realized that my blog I had been running for the last few years was up for hosting renewal. I didn’t really want to renew with the company I was with, and I had a nightmare time trying to figure out how to get my blog to transfer over to a new one or onto my traffic exchange hosting which was the logical choice.

    I reviewed a few things –

      • my theme was a paid one originally and was out of date

    Alexa_ranking traffic exhcange tips

    • I hadn’t seriously blogged for months so a lot of other things were out of date
    • My Alexa ranking was not great
    • The Alexa ranking showed the site was very slow
    • Most of the blog posts were not related to the niche I am in now – the traffic exchange nichel

    I have made the decision, right or wrong, to let leone-marziano.com go and start afresh with a new blog that is targeted to my niche market, which is Traffic Exchanges.

    I am the owner of a Traffic Exchange called TE Search which was given to me mid year. It had been around for some time, had passed through a few hands – I am not sure really how many as the person who I thought was the original owner said that he purchased it from someone else. Only one person was surfing it at the time and he turned out to be a bot. I have completely overhauled the site and have promoted it heavily now for the last two and a half months. It has been pleasing to see the membership gradually rise each day.

    My thoughts for this blog is to help newcomers to the industry to know where to go and how to set up their marketing campaigns. There is a lot of confusion with new members on how to get a gravatar, how to add a website to their account and so on.